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iRoam Virtual Tours

If you’re the Head Teacher, Principal or Senior Leader of an educational establishment, such as a school, college, university or even a nursery, you’ll know that not all of the children and young people who come through your gates or doors will enter with the same ease of access as others.

Today, we can help you to support all of your students – or customers, if you’re a business of any other kind – before they even arrive on your site, by giving them access to an immersive experience of your building in the comfort of their own home…

Welcome to iRoam

We know that you’ve got everything in place to cater for people when they physically arrive at your school or venue, but this doesn’t actually help them when they’re planning their visit – or in the case of the increasing number of education providers we work with, when they’re planning their future.

IRoam is all about working directly with you, your establishment, and our completely unique technology, to create virtual tours of your site that are designed to be as easy to use, navigate and access as possible – making the future access to your actual site even more enjoyable and easy.

Though many schools – and indeed businesses – rely on photos to showcase what their students can expect from spending time on site, this doesn’t really come close to painting the whole picture (so to speak). Your future students and visitors may present with a whole host of accessibility issues that impact them on both a sensory and mental health level as well as a physical one, and so it’s essential that you can showcase as much of the onsite experience as you can virtually, to enable them to plan, prepare and ultimately look forward to joining you physically on the day when the time comes.

Anything less, and you may lose the custom altogether, so if you’re relying on a gallery of photos and a hefty PDF guide to tick that planning box for you, it’s not just your students who are missing out!


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Our Company

We’re Anthony Curran and Adam Barrett – two friends who grew up together in Leigh, Greater Manchester, and went on to start a business that combined our professions and our passions.

The business that we created together is called Access Social, but IRoam is our flagship creation.

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Success Stories

Our Tours

The Lowry 
Blackburn Central High School 
Leigh Centurions Rugby League Club 

Success Stories

Making access, accessible.


What our clients say

“Our building is a myriad of levels and spaces so to have an interactive video for all of our customers so they can plan their visit in advance, whether they have additional needs or not, is brilliant.”
Tori Hryniw

Website Manager, The Lowry

“We looked at a few different virtual tour providers but we felt iRoam was the only solution suitable for the age and abilities of our pupils… It’s quickly become a staple part of our transition procedures.”
Liz Lofus

Headteacher, Rowan Tree Primary

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